Life Doesn’t Stop

Having a kid is something I am honestly still trying to get used to. Its been almost six months since I brought my girl home from the hospital. So many changes since that day we walked in the door with our new baby.

Being a new momma is scary. You have no idea what to do; you get iffy advice from people whether you want it or not. What you do know however is that your life is changed forever. I can’t tell you how many time I have heard “Your life is never going to be the same”. That simple statement put a fear in me that was up there with the fear of God. How was it going to change? For the better? For the worst? Would me and my husband still like each other? Will I start wearing mom jeans and sneakers as my OOTD? Will my life as Erica come to a screeching halt? Let everyone tell you…yes. What I found out for myself…hell no.

I went zip lining the other day with one of my dearest friends and we had the time of our lives! I told my mother that I was going zipping and she was not so happy to say the least. “You have a baby now. You shouldn’t do those dangerous things anymore.” As much as I “understood” where she was coming from, I decided to do it anyway and I’m so happy I did. That first leap was the best. I was nervous, shaking so bad people could see it. My initial thought was “What the hell am I doing here”. Then, I thought of my girl. I want her to be proud to have a mom who isn’t afraid to do uncomfortable things. I want to show her how to be fearless. I want her to go for whatever she wants to do in life.

I can’t let the fact that I have a baby stop me from living the life I want. If anything, I want the fact that I have a baby push me even harder to live!

Yes, my life did change, but not the way everyone said. You have to make up in your mind to define your story; define your life. Being a mother doesn’t mean you don’t exist as a person anymore. It’s okay to thrown on those 4-inch heels, the most fabulous lip you can get your hands on, and your best pair of skinnies to show off those baby curves. If that what you did before, keep on keepin’ on!

So many moms are shamed because they want to stay true to themselves. “It’s selfish” they say. “It’s not about you anymore”. Well, that’s bull because it is about you. If you can’t thrive at being you, how can you possibly expect to thrive as a mother?

Think about it..


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