Being a new mom sucks.

Of course not because of the beautiful life that you’ve brought into this crazy world, but because of the endless, kinda mean advice you get from other people. They give, what I like to call, “nice-nasty” advice. What is “nice-nasty” you ask? Well, it’s just that. They give you their opinion in a nice, acceptable tone. However, it tends to be the things you just shouldn’t say. The comments that are borderline rude.

I’ve gotten this kind of advice about everything from breastfeeding (which I no longer do, so why am I still getting this one?) to television watching to solid food.

So now my girl is a mover and a shaker to the nth power. She is a powerhouse who moves at her own pace, which happens to be fast. It’s so hard to keep up with her! So, the books are not quite going her speed or for other moms with “sound” advice. She started baby food and that was a big deal to a mom a know. Our style of parenting is totally different, which is fine, it’s just not for me. My girl hit another month, so of course I had to post it. In the post I mentioned she liked carrots. Let me give you an example or “nice-nasy”…

“She’s 6 months already?! Time flies!”

Now. I clearly stated how old she was in the post. So, she knows that my baby isn’t 6 months. She basically said ” It’s too early to start solids” without saying it. See? Nice-nasty…and totally uncalled for.

Even in the tone of their voice, people can be “nice-nasty”.

Apparently you are the mother who eats her young if you let your kid watch television. I guess my Charlie is served with my favorite glass of wine because I let her watch Elmo and the gang.

Look, if I am trying to put a load of clothes on put some chicken in the oven, then on comes Elmo! As sick as I a of hearing the Elmo’s World theme song, it helps me out tremendously! It keeps her distracted for a bit while I manage the rest of my home. It’s multi-tasking at its finest.

“You let her watch TV??” “She’s too young.” “That’s not a good for her.”

I can’t and I won’t apologize for how I get things done. Being a full-time student, a full-time wife, and a full-time mom is perhaps the hardest thing I have ever had to do simultaneously. The mommy shamming is real, and what’s worst, some people don’t even realize they are being rude.

Don’t let anyone tell you your way is wrong.  Like the old saying goes, ” If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it”.


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