So my blog has been all about how this magnificent little girl has come in and turned my life upside down. It has been about the struggles I’ve faced since her birth. It has been about the importance of remaining true to myself and doing what works for me.

Well, here she is. These pictures are so amazing.

The thing is, I remember every single picture. Every single moment. I remember the emotions I felt when I gave birth to this incredibly wonderful, frustrating, hilarious little person. I didn’t know how to love her. It took time, and I had to realize that was okay.

When I was rocking her to sleep, I just looked at her. She was looking at me with the same intense look, almost like she was looking into my soul. Then it hit me.

She trusts me. She completely trusts me. Without doubt, she knows who I am. She feels my love, and I feel hers. What’s so amazing is that the same way I had to get used to her, she had to get used to me too. What an incredible feeling to have someone love you raw. They don’t know your past. They don’t know the things you’ve done. It’s like you get a clean slate. Like, you get to do things right.

So here she is, my heart. My Charlie.


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